Building a Falco

Steve Wilkinson


 "The current record is a Falco built from kits is one month less than two years, accomplished by a wealthy father-son team with a well-stocked workshop amid the warmth of California.

"But who cares? Perhaps the people who buy a book because it's a fast read--something that can be wolfed down during a single airline flight. But what do they know about the joy of actually reading, savoring structure and finely polished phrases? Perhaps the people who buy plastic homebuilts because it's said you can pour them out of a bottle and be airborne 400 hours later. But what do they know of the ruminative pleasure of sanding spruce to a cheeky smoothness, or glorifying in a glueline as thin and tight as a silk thread?

"No, for me, the Falco would quickly become a novel that I'd finish reluctantly, a vacation from trivial concerns that I'd end with regret."

Steve Wilkinson


Build a Falco, and you join a select group of individualists working in common pursuit of perfection. They cut wood, sand, drill, file, glue and paint to get a Falco, of course, but there's more to it than that. For most it's the fulfillment of a lifelong dream to build an airplane with their own hands. Hands that normally hold a telephone, scalpel or pencil, peck at a keyboard, knead bread, or deliver babies.

You'll get to know them through our quarterly Falco Builders Letter. You'll find, as we have, that each one is different, but all are very special. They go well with the Falco.



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