Now offered as a homebuilt, the Falco has been further refined. Improvements and changes were engineered by David B. Thurston, a well-known and respected aircraft designer and aeronautical engineer. Best known for his Lake, Teal and Seafire amphibians, Dave Thurston also has nearly 50 years of design experience.

Compare this lineage to that of other homebuilt airplanes-often designed by amateurs with no formal training in aeronautical engineering, mechanical design or practical experience. No wonder so many engineers choose the Falco.

Not only is the Falco well-engineered, it is also a superb piece of design. Many regard it as the single best example of wood aircraft design ever. It's elegantly simple and very strong. The landing gear is capable of absorbing more than 5 g's on landing without damage to the aircraft. There is a 40g seat belt system-standard in military aircraft, but unheard of in light aircraft.

And unlike most homebuilt aircraft, the systems of the plane have been designed in minute detail. The engine control cables are supplied in the precise length needed. The fuel lines, hoses, fittings are all worked out. So is the engine baffling. The instrument panel is supplied with all of the holes cut. Every wire in the electrical system is color-coded. And if you don't know what coil suppression diodes are, don't worry. That's all part of the design.

So the Falco is not just another airplane, but a timeless classic, designed by one of the great aircraft designers of all time, refined by experienced engineers, proven over 30 years and available in a well-thought-out kit. In a sense, it's not even a homebuilt, but a production design that you can build.



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