Luciano Nustrini

Luciano Nustrini, his family and Falco

Perhaps no other Falco demonstrates the potential performance of a carefully finished Falco than Luciano Nustrini's famous Falco. The aircraft has been polished as carefully as any competition sailplane, and no effort has been spared to extract the maximum speed.

Wheel doors completely enclose all three landing gear. There are only a minimum number of instruments. The windshield bow is slanted aft like the SF.260. The rear of the canopy is carefully faired into the fuselage. There are no external antennas. Ram air induction is used. There are four exhaust stacks directing the exhaust to the rear for maximum thrust. Every excess pound is stripped from the airplane. And you will find no navigation lights or interior decoration on the plane.

The speeds attained by this airplane are astonishing. Nustrini won the 1981 Giro d'Italia race at an average speed of 234 mph. From a standing start. Around pylons. And with the Falco's standard 160 hp Lycoming engine.



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