Brenda Avery

Brenda Avery

Brenda Avery worked at Sequoia Aircraft for ten years. She retired so she could have more time to herself and to do the things she wanted to -- in fact, she said that the reverse has happened and she had more free time when she was here! If you would like to reach her, email


Brenda Avery has decided to retire. Brenda has been here for ten years, and as you all know, she really runs this place. I'm very fond of Brenda, and I hate to lose her. Brenda's husband is a sports fan (Brenda swears she never heard "football" or "sports" mentioned in the marriage vows!) who likes to attend all sorts of events, and this has taken them both away for extended times. This, plus a second home they have in Blacksburg, has put a crimp on Brenda's time to the point that she hasn't had much time for herself, and Brenda is planning to go back to college to get her degree.

We have been very busy over the last month and a half interviewing people to take Brenda's place. This has taken an extraordinary amount of time and the interviews themselves have been an interesting experience. Someone at Oshkosh asked Brenda what it was like working for me, and she said it was "like marriage without sex" and in talking to people who were interviewing for the job, she would use the same description. In one interview, I was talking to a girl and told her that Brenda had once said that working for me was "like sex without marriage". As I watched her eyes get big, I realized I had blown the quote.

Then there was the German man who faxed us his resumé and who insisted on coming in for an interview even though he was grossly overqualified. He had a strong accent, and Brenda started making jokes about the guy bringing his Doberman along for the interview. I suggested to Brenda that she could explain that "working for Alfred is like marriage without sex, however in your case Alfred could probably make an exception!" We never pulled it off, and the German turned out to be a very nice man after all.

Thank you, Brenda, for ten wonderful years.

Alfred Scott
From "Goings on at Sequoia Aircraft"
March 1994 Falco Builder Letter.