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For your information, we plan to include a basic description of each kit, a shipping list of parts included, shipping size and weights, photos of each part, and anything else that seems appropriate. I am planning to eliminate our printed price list and to use this as our one-and-only price list. I do not plan to include shopping cart software at this time.

I would appreciate your suggestions as I work on this.

Alfred Scott


Wing Spars

Kit No. 201   $6,335.00


Wing Ribs

Kit No. 205   $1,385.00


Fuselage Frames

Kit No. 302   $5,225.00


Tail Group Spars

Kit No. 402   $1,760.00


Tail Group Ribs

Kit No. 405   $490.00


Tail Group Equipment
Includes elevator and rudder stops.

Kit No. 801-1   $1,730.00


Fuselage Equipment
Includes P/N 867 and 879.

Kit No. 802   $1,750.00


Wing Equipment
Includes wing tip lenses, jack pad fittings and eyebolts

Kit No. 803-1   $3,530.00


Flap Controls Equipment

Kit No. 804   $1,620.00


Control System Equipment

Kit No. 805-1   $5,395.00


Brake System Equipment

Kit No. 805-2   $1,350.00


Trim Tab Control Equipment

Kit No. 806   $810.00


Canopy Equipment
For standard canopy installation.

Kit No. 807-1   $5,400.00


Canopy Equipment -- 'Nustrini"
For cut-down 'Nustrini' canopy installation. Includes canopy skirt fairing.

Kit No. 807-2   $6,060.00


Engine Mount & Equipment
Dynafocal engine mounts for 160 or 180 hp series engines.

Type I (for 180 hp IO-360-B1E) Kit No. 808-2   $3,660.00
Type II (for 160 hp IO-320-B1A) Kit No. 808-3   $3,395.00


Fuel Tanks & Equipment

Kit No. 809-1   $5,710.00


Inverted Header Tank & Equipment

Kit No. 809-2   $720.00


Main Landing Gear & Equipment -- Cleveland
This kit no longer includes wheels and brakes. Order Cleveland 40-78B wheel and 30-9 brake from Aircraft Spruce, Wicks, etc.

Kit No. 810-1   $7,690.00


Gear Doors & Equipment
At this time, this kit includes pushrods, hinges, hardware, etc. but it does not include the fiberglass gear doors.

Kit No. 810-3   $540.00


Main Gear Wheel Well Doors & Equipment
At this time, this kit includes pushrods, hinges, hardware, etc. but it does not include the fiberglass gear doors.

Kit No. 810-4   $755.00


Nose Gear & Equipment

Kit No. 811   $4,230.00


Landing Gear Retraction Equipment
Specify A or B model gear motor. The B-model gearmotor (13 second retraction time) is required for all gear doors, including wheel well doors and nose gear bay doors. The A-model gearmotor (7 second retraction time) should be used for any airplanes that do not have the main wheel well doors and nose gear bay doors -- but which do have the other gear doors.

Kit No. 812   $7,350.00


Cowling & Equipment

Kit No. 813-1   $3,450.00


Cowling Jig
Used for the installation of the cowling. The price is refundable on return.

Kit No. 813-3   $300.00


Seats & Equipment

Kit No. 814   $4,300.00


Instrument Panel & Equipment

Kit No. 815-1   $3,305.00


Left Hand Throttle Modification

Kit No. 815-2   $410.00


Instrumentation & Equipment
Now includes airspeed indicator and manifold/fuel pressure gauge

Kit No. 815-3   $3,615.00


Electrical & Equipment
Specify Gill or Gel/Cell battery hardware

Kit No. 816   $7,455.00
4-Cyl CHT Option     $415.00


Engine Controls & Equipment
Includes exhaust system

Kit No. 817-1 (320 series)   $2,780.00
Kit No. 817-2 (360 series)   $2,780.00


Engine Baffling & Equipment

Kit No. 817-3 (320 series)   $1,230.00
Kit No. 817-4 (360 series)   $1,230.00


Propeller and Spinner
Delivery time is about 16 weeks. Prices are good for 2014 only and are based on delivery day, not order date.

Kit No. 817-5 (320 series)   $8,550.00
Kit No. 817-6 (360 series)   $8,235.00


Fuel System & Engine Hoses
Specify standard or inverted fuel system

Kit No. 817-7   $3,410.00


Antenna Components

Kit No. 861   $290.00


Fuel Pump

Weldon Tool D8100E   $1015.00


Wing Fairings



Lycoming engines are factory new, outright (i.e. no exchange core required). The engines are Experimental, that is, they do not have the standard certificate of airworthiness paperwork and this savings is passed along with the lower price. The engines include a 12 volt, 70-amp alternator. Prices are FOB, Williamsport, PA and are valid for engines shipped in 2014. Delivery is normally 120 days after receipt of order. The changes to the injector of the IO-360-B1E required for installation in a Falco cannot be done by the factory, thus the purchaser must have this work done locally. Payment is required at time of order with Sequoia Aircraft. Lycoming's standard terms and conditions have numerous penalties for cancellation of an order or for instant shipping. Standard Lycoming factory warranty applies to these engines and covers 100% of parts and labor in the first year and for the second year covers parts only pro-rated to TBO. The warranty begins at the time of initial start-up -- purchasers should register engines with the factory just prior to starting engine for the first time, and must be registered within two years of purchase for the warranty to apply.

Lycoming YIO-320-B1A, 160 hp   $28,600.00
Lycoming YIO-360-B1E, 180 hp   $28,700.00

Executive Summary

160 hp Falco, Standard Canopy


180 hp Falco, Standard Canopy


     Includes propeller and spinner, but not engine, main gear wheels and brakes  


Nustrini Canopy


Main Gear Wheel Well Doors & Equipment


Four-Cylinder CHT Option


Inverted Header Tank & Equipment


Left Hand Throttle Modification