Replacing tubes and tires

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Replacing tubes and tires

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I've replaced my tires once and I don't remember having the bear of a time I'm currently having. I had two nice LeakGuard tubes, and attempted to reuse one. In trying to get the two halves compressed enough to put the nut on the bolt I had to use several clamps but I pinched the tube when compressing the wheels and tore it, Off to the local aero store and I bought two new tires and tubes. I was able to get one set of wheel halves compressed enough without pinching the tube (I inflated the tube a little and used plenty of Tire-talc) but the second one I'm having a bear of a time. I'm thinking of starting with three bolts that are longer and as I tighten them up, replacing them with shorter bolts until I get to the proper length one. Anyone have some "tricks of the trade" or have the tubes changed dimension enough to make it a PITA?
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Re: Replacing tubes and tires

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I did mine a few months ago and had no difficulty. New tubes and tires. Wish I could be of more help. Best! Martin
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