A benevolent benefactor??

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A benevolent benefactor??

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As a few here (Alfred, for sure) may know, Dad and I were about 50% of the way along with building our Falco as a father & son project when Dad's house and workshop fire occurred February 2002, consuming all but a scant remnant like the pitot tube and mast. Dad died a few years later.

I just had a thought today of rebuilding the horizontal stabilizer and elevator assembly (to suspend above the pool table) as something of a homage to my involvement with that project. There are no surviving blueprints; just some of the smaller pages of the alloy hinges and bellcranks, etc I was responsible for building. That remnant was in my possession in North Carolina the day of the house fire in Virginia.

Would there be a generous individual who might consider loaning a set of tail prints for me to make a copy of under these circumstances? Would that be within the realm of good conscience and business protocol exception rather than me buying an entire set of plans?

I'm located in south Charlotte and would be happy to exchange contact info with someone.
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Re: A benevolent benefactor??

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The Falco plans are now in the public domain and are posted at www.seqair.com.

Also Gunder has a supply of Falco wood kits. These are also on the website.

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