Painting Your Falco

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Alan Evan Hanes
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Painting Your Falco

Post by Alan Evan Hanes »

I have been pondering over this for a long time without resolution - how do you paint a Falco?

Please share your insights in respect of a. materials used and b. method.

The latter is important as I have previously resprayed 5 aircraft, but they all had the significant advantage of removeable wings and easily defined areas that could be segregated so that spraying could occur in relatively small sections in a planned sequence to avoid overspray contamination. The Falco's round fuselage and non removeable wings make it a problem. Even spraying the underside of the mainplane is a burden.

I have had excellent results using a two part polyurethane with a elasticizer on my Super Cub and others. I have some thoughts on the method but would love to hear about yours.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Painting Your Falco

Post by mlwainwright »

I hope to be facing this problem soon, so I have no knowledge from actual experience, but, take a look at Dave Thomas’s airplane in the hangar section of the website. He seems to have off some quite good photos of how he did his plane.
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