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s/n 820 Has a new Owner - Me

Posted: Wed Feb 23, 2022 7:44 am
by Alan Evan Hanes
I am so very proud to finally be able to make this post.

I am now the owner of Sequoia Falco sn820 ZU-BTT built by Brian Nelson.

She was beautifully built by Brian over 18 years and I was often a visitor to salivate over his expertise. He installed a Lyc O-320-B3A with a fixed pitch propeller and an Ellison Throttle Body carb. The plane is built lightly to plans and was painted in house semi-gloss wall paint in a color scheme to his liking.

I can honestly say that the scheme is not entirely to my liking and the paint has not protected the wood as much as envisaged. To remove it requires careful hand sanding of 55sqm to a tolerance of less than 0.25mm. I expect it will take 6 weeks of full time work including the resurfacing with modeler's fiberglass and epoxy followed by 2k polyurethane high gloss paint.

I plan to upgrade the panel to a glass cockpit with Garmin G3x screens and the propeller with an electrical constant speed unit from ASX in Cape Town.

Right now I need to sort out the 100 little snags starting with an oil leak and a non working PTT on the pilots stick.