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Looks like was the last one to discuss this on this forum but here goes again....

Coming up on time to renew insurance as I'm sure many are. Wondering when it will be the year they price me out of the sky! Because of inflation and ridiculous airplane prices I probably will have to up my value of the plane, maybe double! Last year on 67K hull value I paid $1970 through Skysmith insurance. I'm sure I was underinsured.
For reference 18800 hours, ATP but only about 130 hours in the Falco. Last claim was February 2018 for a taxiing accident in a taildragger. They usually keep those over your head for three years so should be clear.
What brokers or underwriter are writing Falco this year? Anyone try Avamco now that they are writing experimental?
Alan Evan Hanes
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Re: Insurance

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I have been scouring the insurers here in South Africa for hull cover.

They kindly offered it at 25% pa premium with a 25% excess.

Guess I will self insure. I have not even scraped a wing tip in 30+ years of flying of which over 500 hours on taildraggers.
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