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Ross Wilson

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My name is Ross Wilson and I am an Australian married to a nice little Swiss lady and have been living in the Zurich area for 25 years now. I have two children whom are now adults, the oldest Alisha is studying Veterinary Medicine and younger Jarrod is soon finishing High School. So I have a little more spare time for projects that absorb time.

I have been building a Falco for five years and I believe it will take me another five to complete. It'd hard to say whether I am half way or not :D. Until now I have mostly been making component parts and have only just got the feeling that I have something even remotely resembling an aircraft this year when I started assembly ;). I am currently assembling the elevator, stablilzer, fin and rudder. I dream of one day flying my aircraft across to the USA and Oshkosh for a visit, but unfortunately this is still far away, but dreams keep me inspired to keep the project going.

I am always looking forward to hearing about other people's Falco projects or their exploits in these fabulous flying machines.


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