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Greetings to those on this forum. My name is Bob Newman, I'm a serial builder, that has just picked a Falco project started back in 2004 and stopped in 2014. My Dad and I have built 10 airplanes over the decades (Van's, Ran's and Glassair) and have always had our eye on the Falco. I picked up the started project which includes most of the tail structure completed, completed fuselage frames and a pre-made wing spar from Sequoia. I'm presently in the mode of coming to an understanding of the plans and drawings and manuals to get my head wrapped around getting started on this epic journey. I look forward to interacting with anyone that's currently in the build process. I'm located near Allentown, PA and would enjoy visiting anyone that has a project under construction. I also have a house in Florida and regularly travel up and down the east coast in our RV-10 and would be delighted to make a detour along the way.

Best regards,
Bob Newman
RV-8, RV-10
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Please let me have your contact info.

I’m located in Richmond,VA and I’m always available during the day.


Alfred Scott
5307 Patterson Ave, Ste 202B
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Alfred P. Scott
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Welcome to the Falco world Bob.

It is a world of eccentric perfectionists who appreciate the emotive soul of machinery as much as the performance and handling. I have about 50 aircraft on my license and have yet to fly anything better - it really does fly better than it looks. And it looks fantastic.

It is not complex build but rather just has a high parts count each demanding no substitution nor deviation from plans. Changes are made at your peril and you most unlikely to be a better designer than Stelio Frati. However the panel contents and some system upgrades have changed since 1957 and should be considered.

I have two Falco's - one flying and a project that may have some parts you might want. I have rather reluctantly realized that I will never finish it particularly as I am upgrading the flying one to the dream ship I was building.

Alan Evan-Hanes
South Africa
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