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Tom Woodward

Posted: Fri Jan 15, 2021 3:24 pm
by buhwana
I started flying gliders in 1966, power in 1978 and retired off the B-777 for AA in 2012. Bought my Falco in 2018 from William Burdis who bought it from the builder Robert Brantly. I've updated it to IFR. Bob won a Bronze Lindy at OSH and SnF around 2004. I've started building a Safari Helicopter (never finished and sold it) , then took over a Helicycle build (never finished it and sold it) and then a Mustang II build (never finished it and sold it). See a Trend? I've discovered I'm great at starting projects by lousy at finishing them. I guess I'd rather be flying so I have great respect for those of you who complete yours. I'm an A&P, and a CFI and am available for checkouts or bi-annuals in the Falco, yours or mine. My only wish is that the Falco was larger, or I was smaller. Best all round airplane I've owned and I've owned 15.
I live on an airpark called Pecan Plantation 0TX1, about 65 SW of DFW. Come visit. Free hamburger at the marina in our development if visiting with your Falco!