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Pete Lloyd

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OK, I'll start.

I'm Pete Lloyd, I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, and I have something resembling a Falco Fuselage in my workshop. (It closely resembles the plans, Alfred ;-) )

Current Status: Skin is on the the top of the tailcone, jig removed. Rudder and elevator rigged and played with, canopy frame worked out, fuel tanks still hanging on nylon straps. Looks pretty cool but progress is slow. Bottom skins on tailcone are next, then I can cut the tail off and have a little more room to work.

Distractions include wife and 2 college age kids, an old Ford Mustang, an older Cessna 170B, and (just recently) a complete but mostly disassembled really old Ford Model A, and of course the job that pays for all that.

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David Wilburn

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David Wilburn, Charlotte NC area.

Dad and I were about 3000 hours in and looking nice around 2001 when a house fire destroyed everything.

Alfred has just sent me the new forum link, and I like to follow, considering myself a Falco alumni. Dad (Garry) has since died not many years after the fire.

Building planes, and aviation in general certainly becomes something that gets in the blood. I was a mechanic on the big jets with USAir/USAirways up until my late 2010 retirement when I went to Afghanistan with Lockheed Martin, conducting airborne surveillance for three years to complete my working career.

I'm now playing with a plans-built, full size, non-airworthy SPAD XIII as a long-term retirement project. When Dad initiated the Falco around 1989 for his retirement project, I remember saying "That's something I would never do." What a big galoot of a liar I turned out to be. :o

Cheers to all of you who persist!
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Savannah Weaver

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Hi y'all!

I'm Savannah, located in central Alabama. I co-own N811LW, built by Larry Weldon. Larry has not flown for a few years, so I make sure to swing by his grass strip when I'm out with the Falco to give he and his wife Jane a wave. Thanks to covid I haven't been able to actually stop for a visit but once this year; I've missed seeing them.

N811LW has been taking me on adventures since 2010 when Larry so kindly allowed me to fly it for my commercial training and checkride. He built a beautiful aircraft, and each flight I can't help but think "gosh I love this bird!".

The Falco is keeping me in the air while I tackle my restoration project, a Cessna 170B. I've had the project a couple of years, but an overseas assignment (civilian) has squelched my progress until recently, so it's been exciting to finally get started.

Looking forward to keeping up with y'all :)

Falco N811LW
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Ray Hecker

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Hi Pete,

I'm Ray Hecker, one of the Falco CFIIs. Glad to hear from you. Checkout my fb page ... search :Ray Hecker, Mission Viejo".. Falco N772SF :D 8-)
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Ray Hecker

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Nice to meet you Savannah,

I fly Falco N772SF - a plans built project by Per Burholm from 1981 to 1989. She is a great bird and has her "31st" Birthday at the end of October, 2020. I'm based in Mission Viejo, CA and the Falco is based in Chino, CA (KCNO). Check out my fb page and see some great pictures of her! Hope to connect with you soon. Ray
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Nick Turner

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Pete, she certainly does look good.

Here's mine based at the famous Biggin Hill (EGKB) Airport in southeast London where incidentally they are trying to force out all GA Pilots due to VVIP Jet traffic. This is where the Battle of Britain was fought from and they treat the airport like that !!!

Tim Painter was the guy who built mine. It took him 14 years and with 2 wives, 2 girl friends later and she's mine. I've had mine for 16 years this xmas eve. Nice present to myself ever.
tim painter falco builder

Hope this maybe of interest.
Best regards
Nick Turner.
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