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Alan Evan Hanes
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Alan Evan Hanes

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Hi everybody, been a lurker here for a short while.

I started building a Falco in 2006 having taken over Coen Plantinga's project. It progressed well and I got to the stage of having completed all components I could, it was now time to start assembly. Then my wife decided that I had no place in her future, and the upshot after a very lengthy costly divorce was that I lost my workshop (kept only the shirt on my back and the Super Cub). I sold many of the parts I had made or collected to another Falco builder, who has subsequently moved his project to the USA.

This has not dampened my enthusiasm for the Falco. I still badly want one.

I own and operate a Piper PA-18-150 Super Cub (which I share with my ALTP brother) that I fly all over South Africa and have done a 3 month tour of anti-poaching operations in Northern Mozambique in an Aviat Husky. It was weird after a 3 hour sortie all at under 100ft agl to need to climb to see the bush strip on finals! I need something faster with longer legs, and would prefer my new fiancé (who absolutely loves flying and adventure) to sit next to me to increase her experience enjoyment.

I have visited projects all over the world when business allowed it, in particular Rob Phillis in Perth, Australia and the Mike Schuler/Bob Trumbley project near Toronto, Canada.

I now seem to spend a bit more time travelling England and will probably make a pest of myself visiting the UK builders there.
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