Gear Up Problems

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Gear Up Problems

Post by bjoar-b »


I got snag on the gear up circuit, no response when selecting gear up. I have checked the gear up relay, and it’s working fine so no trouble on that.

So, the snag has to be from the gear handle to the relay. No response in flight, and no response on jacks even when I put a jumper to go around pitot pressure switch.

Have anyone some ideas regarding this problem?

Bjørn Brekke
Falco 1487 LN-LOB
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Gear Up Problems

Post by flysavvy_ »

Bjørn, just to confirm, there are two terminals at the pitot pressure relay, can you confirm you jumped to the correct one?

One would jump the relay, while the other would go to the indicator or switch in the cockpit.

There's always the chance of a broken wire, but otherwise I would expect the issue to be your up-limit switch or selector switch.
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Alfred Scott
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Gear Up Problems

Post by Alfred Scott »

Electrical problems are always mechanical problems. I suspect a loose connection.

The only way to diagnose a problem with the retraction system is to use the gear logic drawings and trace things down.

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Gear Up Problems

Post by NE Falco »


I had a very similar issue with my gear a few months back. It turned out to be the gear system transistor (Q3). Replaced the transistor, trouble free ever since. Ref: Falco Electrical System, Pg. 9-7, Fig. 9-7. Also see Falco Construction Drawings, Sheet A39 and Sheet A43, Detail A.

It only affected gear retraction, the gear came down normally.

I hope this helps.

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Re: Gear Up Problems

Post by Dvale »

Also had a problem with the transistor. Replaced and all well - now keep a spare as they cost next to nothing. I always make sure when doing a ground test on jacks the battery is connected to a charger. It means the Bus voltage is normal in flight voltage and ensures the correct voltage for the transistor to do its stuff.
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