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Wing Spars Special

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We had four crates of wood for the wing spars.

Part No. Description Qty. Ship B.O.
205-1 Main Wing Spar 1
Supplied as
about 20 boards, more than enough to make a spar
interior blocking

206-1 Aft Wing Spar 2
206-2 Flap/Aileron Spar 2
206-6 Forward Wing Spar 1
206-3 Wing T. E. Strip 2
206-4 Wing L.E. Strip 2
206-5 Aileron Gap T. E. Strip 2
30x15x16' Longeron 6
supplied at 8 longerons, cut to 12’ and 4’
Plywood - Forward Wing Spar 2
Plywood - Aft Wing Spar (980 x 105) 2
Plywood - Main Wing Spar 7

One is going to Dave Nason who is starting another Falco beginning with a series of kits from a guy in Texas who has retired and given up on the project. There are three more available. If interested contact Gunder.
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