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David Vale G-OCAD

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I have owned my Falco G-OCAD since 2012 which was built beautifully in 1996 by D.Nowill/C.Garrard. I have been flying various ships from 1987, Cessna’s, Piper’s, Beagle Pup and Alpi Pioneer 300. The latter I built in the firm belief that it was a quick way of building something resembling a Falco. That however is all it did, yes it was quick for Rotax powered aircraft but it was a bitch in turbulence and had the feeling of not being very durable, so it went!

I also had a Cessna Cardinal 177RG which I still have a very soft spot for as they are a great touring aircraft. Cannot fly two aircraft at once so the Falco remains as my No.1 and now only aircraft.

I usually manage 50+ hours a year but not in Covid 2020. I have replaced all the steam driven gauges with EFIS, autopilot, ELB and VXPower but fought with the oleos for a few years until the seals were replaced with a modern design found only on a UK military aircraft. Other parts have worn and been replaced with usually not much hassle.

She is based in the south of France in a nice dry hangar at LFMZ and from there it is easy to go to lots of European destinations including back to the U.K. and to the Western Isles of Scotland. As for me, retired living in France and the U.K. and have sufficient funds to continue flying. What more do I need!
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G-OCAD based LFMZ :D
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