The Falco Turns 50

Falco Builder Dinner Tickets

Falco Builder Dinner tickets are now on sale.  They are $30.00 per person, all inclusive and if not purchased ahead of time, will be $35.00 at the door.  Your choices for dinner this year are shrimp scampi over angel hair pasta, herb roasted chicken or thin sliced beef sirloin.

Please call Susan now and make your reservations along with meal selection, or email it with your credit card number.  She does need an accurate number to tell the restaurant.

Susan Fleming
(804) 353-1713

EAA Patch Honors Falco


50th Birthday Party for the Falco
Oshkosh 2005
July 25 to 31

We will be arriving Monday, July 25 and leave on Friday, July 29. We will have a get-together for Falcophiles each night at a restaurant in Appleton, and we will have the Falco Builder Dinner on Thursday, July 28.

Aircraft Parking
The EAA is expecting us, and they will have a location picked out for the Falcos to park together. They will do their best to get the planes parked together. Right now it looks like the area will be an area east of the control tower and the arch. 

It's still first come, first serve, so plan to arrive early. The EAA Aircraft Parking Chairman asks to be kept posted on the numbers, so please let us know if you are coming.

Watch this space for any new information on aircraft parking.

While at Oshkosh
Susan Fleming is flying out on Sunday and will be at the Paper Valley Hotel in Appleton if you need or want to reach her. The Paper Valley Hotel is (920) 733-8000 or (800) 242-3499.

She will still have dinner tickets for sale if you arrive late or decide you need more of them. Susan can also be reached on her cell phone at (804) 382-3890.

Alfred Scott will also have his cell phone with him, and will be reachable at (804) 690-4591, however please don't use this number at other times as Alfred is not real big on the telephone.



It's time to start making plans. At this time, we are just trying to get people to come. Bill Russell and Cecil Rives have volunteered to be troublemakers and put pressure on others to come.

The following is a list of Falcos who should come. Now, whether they actually do come, or just turn out to be a wuss, remains to be seen!

David Barrett
Larry Black -- Confirmed
Bob Brantley -- Confirmed
Bob Bready
Perry Burholm -- Confirmed
Ben Burgoyne
Richard Clements
Steve Crisp
Jim DeAngelo
John Devoe
Dan Dorr -- Confirmed
Fred Doppelt
Jonas Dovydenas -- Confirmed
Al Dubiak -- Confirmed
John Harns
Roy Henderson -- Confirmed
Doug Henson -- Confirmed
Rex Hume
Dave McMurray
Dave Nason -- Confirmed
John Oliver
Mel Olson
Jim Petty -- Confirmed
Jim & Jane Quinn -- Confirmed
Cecil Rives -- Confirmed
Duane Root -- Confirmed
Glyn Russell -- Confirmed
Bill Russell -- Confirmed
Joel Shankle
Kris Shipler -- Probable
David Silchman -- Confirmed
Marc Stamsta
Jack & Mike Wiebe -- Confirmed
Wierman & Buettgenbach
Larry Weldon


Also coming are:

Al Aitken
David Barrett
George Barrett
Gayl Boddy
Dave Burchette
Bill Broussard
Carvian Brumfield
Drew & Judy Done
Stephen Friend,
Bill Hoffman
Bob McCallum
Rob Phillis
Mike Schuler
Leon Slocomb
Bob Trumbley
Larry & Jane Weldon


So... how about it. Are you coming... or are you a wuss?


I'll be there.

Attending with me at the 50th celebration will be Paul Montgomery. He is my brother-in-law and has attended the last couple of celebrations with me. He and I flew the Falco on a tour through Canada and Alaska last summer. Not many people up there have seen a Falco and it caused quite a bit of interest in the northland.

Paul has now become my PIC since I have been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease and that plus the medication I'm taking are disqualifying factors for the FAA. Paul is a good pilot and I feel very fortunate to have him pilot the Falco so we can still go flying. We attended Sun and Fun last weekend as the only Falco on the field (at least that I could find).

Glyn Russell


I will definitely be there for the 50th birthday of our beloved Falco.

Besides... I ain't no wuss.

Dave Silchman


No wuss here – I’ll be there.

Doug Henson


Long time no contact but thought I'd zap you a line to confirm my attendance at Osh this year - my first ever trip so am really looking forward to it.

I'll be in loose formation with about a dozen other homebuilder types from the west of our country, unfortuately however not a single Falco man amongst them. We're flying to Chicago, driving up to Osh, than after the show spending the next week or so driving across the country to LA to depart back to Oz.

Not sure if Drew Done, Stephen Friend, Ian Ferguson et al (all on the east coast) will be making the trip but I'm catching up with them at Easter for the Merimbula Falco Fly-in so will no doubt hear of their plans then.

I'll send a few photos in the next week or two, it's now aeroplane shaped, the centre jig removed, and soon to get skinned. Very exciting !

Looking forward to meeting you and all those I've been reading about for the past five years or so (bugger me, has it been that long !)


Rob Phillis


I'm writing this from the ANZ lounge in Auckland New Zealand, having just seen the official notice of a 50th party.  We will be there.  Not sure yet how big the "we" will be.  Definitely me, probably also be dad, might also be Lee Anne, might be all three of us.

While in Melbourne, I attended a fly in "up north" courtesy of a friend with a Twin Commanche.  We were all surprised when also in attendance were the Ferguson's.  I finally got to see Ian and Juliet's pretty machine and have a nice conversation.  I now count among my friend's three quarters of the Australian produced Falcos.  Unfortunately I was not able to catch up with the Friends or the Dones this trip. 

Incidentally, I won longest journey at the fly in.  They were particularly impressed with my routing.  Toronto - Hong Kong - Kuala Lumpur - Singapore - Melbourne - Lenne Field.  The reward was having my picture taken for the local paper.  Unfortunately, they insisted on it being in front of the Twin Commanche.  I tried to convince the reporter that size doesn't matter, but SHE wouldn't listen.

Now I have to get off the phone line and call George Richards to see if he's got that ugly beast painted yet.....

Mike Wiebe


I plan to attend the 50th birthday party at Oshkosh. No Falco, though I've made lot's of parts.

Bill Broussard


I'll be there, save me a coffee cup.

Al Dubiak


Mike Schuler and Bob Trumbley will be there!

Mike Schuler


Count me in for the birthday party.

Bob Brantley


Ciao! We will be there. How we goin' to get there? If all goes as planned N444PK will make its first major public appearance, a most beautiful Falco if ever there was!

Duane & Mary Root

P.S. I'll do the driving!


We aren't wus', but are the proud new owners of Willard Hofler's beautiful 89WH. We plan to be at the Party and look forward to meeting the Falco family.

After buying 89WH in December, I flew to Orlando for a several months stay, then February 3rd departed for the West Coast with weather delays requiring me to leave the plane behind and return several times to resume my flight. But, what a wonderful trip! 89WH has now visited Walterboro, New Port Richey, Orlando, Atlanta, Birmingham, Dallas, McAllen, Fort Stockton, Phoenix and Chino. 89WH, a/k/a Madame H, flew beautifully and met all performance expectations.

See you in July at the Party.

Roy & Mel (The real Madame H) Henderson


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