Falcos Descend on the California Wine Country


Karen Rives, Alyson Dorr and Lena Burholm


On Saturday night we gathered for the traditional banquet dinner. After dinner John Harns was the first to speak. He proposed a toast to Alfred Scott saying that without Alfred and all his hard work to provide Falco plans and kits, none of us would be here at the fly-in. Everyone readily agreed and drank a toast to Alfred. Then John expressed his disappointment that Alfred was able to attend the fly-in only on Thursday before departing on vacation. John didn't know that in advance, and thought the banquet dinner would be an ideal opportunity to roast Alfred. I'm also sorry we missed out on that, because I'm sure it would have been very entertaining another time.


Mark Wainwright checks out the Harns Falco


Ken Christensen was the formal speaker for the evening. Ken is a C-130 navigator with an air rescue squadron in the Air National Guard, and his unit was recently activated and sent to participate in the war with Iraq. He did an excellent job recounting his experiences, and we all got quite an education on modern combat rescue operations.


Front row: Karen Rives, Alyson Dorr, Lena Burholm, Ann Boddy, Kate Chipps, Pat Harns
Back row: Anik Malstrom, Ann Black, Betty Christensen, Robin Owen, Tamera Nason, Cheryl Miller, Barbara Dorr, Jan Eby, Jane Quinn


Late Saturday night there was another gathering of the usual suspects at the hotel for some scotch, cigars and jokes. It was a lively group, with Dave McMurray, John Harns, Larry Black, and Pierre Wildman contributing the most stories. Every time her husband, John would begin to tell a joke, Pat Harns would instantly recognize it as less than squeaky-clean. Fearing embarrassment, she'd say, "No John, you're not telling that one." John, of course, always proceeded anyway. No one else seemed to mind.


Jim Quinn, Dave Nason, Bill Russell, Dave McMurray, Cecil Rives, Per Burholm, John Harns, Larry Black


The departures started fairly early on Sunday, since many of the visitors had a lot of traveling ahead of them. Those who have Falcos under construction left with a new dose of enthusiasm for the project. I know that these fly-ins always gave me a boost whenever I would attend, and I'd return home to start a new flurry of activity in the workshop. The last of the Falcos departed at about 9:30 AM, and the 13th annual West Coast Falco Fly-In was history.

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