Neil Aitkenhead


Note the framing for the Raised Nustrini canopy.



Oshkosh 2000, Alfred Scott, Neil Aitkenhead, Susan Fleming and Gwyn Aitkenhead



We have been home now just over two weeks and it seems like Oshkosh was a long time ago.

After we left you at Appleton we drove for two weeks through the west and south west and after 3600 miles and a lot of motels and hotels we arrived in San Francisco. We certainly saw a lot of your country and met a wide variety of people.

We thoroughly enjoyed Oshkosh and the opportunity to meet yourselves and the Falco "family". We were very thrilled for Dave and Tamera Nason to have received such an award for their Falco, a just reward as his aircraft is a real credit to them.

I have enclosed some photos for you taken at Oshkosh/Appleton and also some updated ones of my project. Note the cockpit coaming/framing detail for the Raised Nustrinni canopy.

Now that I am back into it I am finishing off the fuselage framing and should start the skin in a week or two.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Neil & Gwyn
Sept. 5, 2000



Oshkosh 2000, Dan Dorr, Neil Aitkenhead, Alfred Scott and Jack Amos




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