Oliver Barth


During the last winter my Falco G-OCDS has been overhauled. Besides removing the old paint completely (at some areas 10 layers!) the interior has been renewed and some changes to the instrument panel have been done.

The biggest problem was the colour selection. Red was an obvious first choice, but then aren't they all red?

A dark colour was out of the question as was a "boring" one. All this finally led to the selection of yellow. Once I settled with yellow I had to learn that there are more yellows around than just one. I didn't want a modern colour; what I wanted was a colour which could be identified as an "old" colour, a colour which could have been the original colour.

This finally led to a Ferrari colour called: "Giallo Fly", giallo being the Italian word for yellow.

After this decision was made and the aircraft painted, I discovered that Richard Clements already had painted his Falco in the very same colour.

I also didn't want stripes on the airplane because I believe the shape of the airplane does not need any stripes. Also I wanted a racing number on the airplane.



The Series II Falco had rubber bladder wing tanks in place of the aft fuselage tank all other Falcos have.



The primer goes on



The first coat of yellow.




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