Flight to Papua New Guinea

Ad Daru with Cecilia

We over flew the town and landed to be greeted by Juliet, and half the Catholic Diocese of Kiunga/Daru.

Transport to Kiunga is exclusively by air and by river. The pervasive drought in Australia had lowered the level of the Fly to the extent that heavy shipping could not use it cutting down the availability of food (and beer) in Kiunga. There is a road from Kiunga to the Ok Tedi mine further north at Tabubil.


While the aircraft was on the aerodrome during our stay we had to arrange a 24-hour guard, not so much to prevent malignant interference as to stop the ignorant from fiddling.

Rudi, Juliet and Ian at Kiunga

Juliet during her stay brought medical assistance to many outlying villages as well as to Kiunga itself. To reach these villages it was necessary to travel for up to two days at a time, by river or stream, on foot or by flying in the Cessna of the Missionary Aviation Fellowship. Only a few villages could be reached by road. Most had never before seen a medical doctor.

Leaving Papua New Guinea Coast

Prior to our departure we were able to obtain some avgas from the MAS making it unnecessary to buy another whole drum. They supplied it with some reluctance owing to legal problems. The long arm of the lawyer has even reached that far.

On 31 August Juliet and I left Kiunga on the route south. We traveled the same route as I came up but stayed a night at Horn as well as a few extra days at Cooktown doing some fishing, and generally relaxing. I was able to use most of the remainder of the drum of fuel, as I didn't refuel at Horn Island.

We also deviated a few miles to stay a night at Blackall in western Queensland where I had lived as a child.

Ian and Juliet at Daru on our way home.

We finally arrive home on Friday the 7th of September to be greeted by wind and dust. Total distance traveled 3,880 nautical miles in around twenty-three hours.

Rudy was expecting to pick up a ride in a yacht or ship, but finally came home commercially via Port Moresby. He was unable to leave the airport hotel in Moresby because of the lawlessness of the population. You do not travel alone in that town.

Home. Ian and Juliet's farm and airstrip.