It All Started
in Our Bedroom!

by Margaret Harper

This article appeared in the June 1998 issue of the Falco Builders Letter.

Margaret Harper

At last the decision was made -- Operation Falco was to begin straight away. To my complete surprise, it was bricks, blocks, girders, concrete and roofing materials that were being delivered, when I expected -- rather naively, I now realise -- propellers, instruments, wheels and logos, etc. The latter was obviously the real necessities to get the job off the ground -- I was wrong! The purpose-built shed was duly completed and winter followed.

The actual plane-building was now due to start, the ribs in fact. Fiddly, tedious and most time-consuming, I was given to understand-particularly in a bitterly cold shed. Hence, the title "It all started in our bedroom!" Yes, it did! Only a man's mind would turn to the bedroom! The reasons were as practical and logical as ever. It was used only at nightime-there was a large window giving good light-a large radiator to provide warmth and a convenient rest for a temporary bench-but joy of joy, a relatively new slumberland divan with a sprung edging to sit on! It was just right!

Like any other wife, I flipped. This was going too far, much too far-I was not having it. (The Italian expletives recently learnt from Stan, came in handy!) Then, little by little, and after the initial shock my attitude melted. Anyhow, I reasoned, if I relented, who would know-nobody. So the Falco really was started in our bedroom, and now everybody knows.

This incident, with so many more confirmed my belief that wives of Falco builder must have more than their fair share of forbearance, and a hefty sense of humour!

Grandchildren Victoria and Joe