N747SW to Australia

Bob Hendry now owns Steve Wilkinson's old Falco and he's having it flown to Melbourne, Australia by a German 'fairy' pilot living in France. We will keep you posted with his reports as they come in. Udo values his privacy. If you really need to get in touch with him, Bob, Steve or I can give you his email address.

In all the flight is 14,000 miles. Udo has flown the first 5,000 and has 9,000 to go.

Alfred Scott


The 56-gallon ferry tank installed at Spokane, Washington



Crossing the Rockies



April 7, 2002

Just a quick update on the Falco's ferry flight.

Udo is in Goose Bay, ready to take the Hop across the Atlantic. He sent me the mail below.

They fitted a 56 Gallon ferry tank in Spokane, and Udo said she flies as well with it full as when its empty.

Bob Hendry



Over the Ottawa airport in Canada



April 7, 2002

I'm in Goose Bay. Last stop before the Atlantic. The Falco runs great, only heating is a problem.

I will try to go direct Iceland. Tomorrow Sunday Greenland is closed or cost 1000$ that I do not want to pay (If I have to Iwait till Monday)



April 7, 2002

I quite literally feel his pain. I've never been colder than I've been in that airplane in the winter, and I warned Udo to protect himself as best he could, particularly his feet. The worst situation is flying high in very low OAT, where the engine is only producing 50-percent power (and heat), in the winter, under a high overcast that prevents any thermal heating through the canopy. I did what I could to make the heater more effective, mainly by filling the heat muff with stainless-steel mesh (high-quality kitchen scrubbers, in fact) to slow the air down and create more heat-transfer surface area.

One somewhat counterintuitive bushpilot trick, which I hope Udo knows, since I forgot to mention it to him, is to tape off much of the area of the air inlet to the heater muff (on the front engine cooling-air baffle). Though you might think that the more air the more heat, what you actually want to do is slow down the incoming/outgoing air so that it has time to pick up some heat and doesn't just blast through the muff, coming out little warmer than it went in.

Good fortune Udo! Go for it.




Falco in Goose Bay, ground power pre-heat ready



Approaching Greenland



April 9, 2002

Hello Bob,

I'm home and the Falco and I made it for the first step of the flight.

It is now in a hangar at the Saumur airport LFOD.

Sunday from Goose Bay, I went to Reykjavik 7.5h 1350NM. and yesterday from Iceland to Wick and direct France again 1400NM will mail you again with more details.

Best regards,



April 10, 2002

As you know by now I made it the first part of the flight to Europe.

The tank is 48 gal, and I can get only 45 in it because of the vent system. The tail comes down and fuel runs out, only way is a valve in the vent line (to open it when in level flight) we will see.

I took a one-way camera and maybe next week I will have some photos that I can mail.

Best regards,




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