Graeme Lean


Hi everybody, Well I guess Neil and Rob have shamed me into some doing what Alfred has been after me to do for some time -- write a progress report.

At this stage the airframe is essentially complete and most of the wiring is in place -- I'm just waiting for my panel to be returned from Aerotronics before I can wire the plugs and receptacles. The new system is a bit different than that in the plans so I will have to modify the wiring diagram to suit the system set up by Aerotronics probably adding an extra level of complexity. Since we now have a military pilot in the family who intends to fly the Falco I've gone for a full IFR panel.

Here is a picture of the panel as it currently stands. There is also a Vision Microsystems 1000 and EC 100 to fill the gaps in the panel.




Graeme working on "a bit of tail".




"Wife Marilyn checks that the competition 'measure up'" -- Australians!