GT Propeller

N1443D is now equipped with a GT propeller and a 193 horsepower engine.

I have done a total of three test flights, and I noticed a great improvement in performance.

For once the airplane nose is lighter (about 10 Kilos less) and much less prop induced vibration.

Basic Empty weight is now 1309 lbs and the CG is at 67.6 in. Previously the BEW was 1332 lbs and CG was 65.7 in.

So the CG moved almost twp inches rearward which was good to correct for an initial nose heavy condition due to IFR instruments and the Christen Inverted Oil System.

In level flight and full throttle it is indicating above 180 kts. I still have the gear doors, and they seem to be working fine.

The spinner back plate had to be worked a little to provide clearance for the GT blade that has a larger radius at the hub. Other than that it was a straight fit into the original Hartzell hub.

So far I am glad with the mod. Worst case scenario I can revert back to a Hartzell prop. Just install the metal blades back.

Eduardo Letti
Falco N1443D

As for the 193 hp engine, it is an IO-360-B1E, normally 180 hp, but with high compression pistons, balanced crankshaft, balanced connecting rods, ported cylinders and polished intake, by Mena Aircraft Engines.

It's a little shocking to see the airspeed indicated. Eduardo says it is actually a bit scary with full power it will exceed VNE as soon as you drop the nose a bit.