Brian Nelson


Early in construction, Brian shows off his tail.



It must be two years since I last communicated with you in respect of Fanie's aeroplane (he now has about 180 hrs on it), and I thought the time way overdue to let you know how my Falco is doing, especially as the website shows pictures from a good 12 years ago.

The engine overhaul has just been finished and the motor mounted. As this year is the centennial of manned powered flight I thought it appropriate to target my first flight in 2003.

This Falco will have a wooden fixed pitch prop as the CS version is out of my reach. The Lycoming 0-320-B3A has an Ellison throttle body (which I had had delivered to the Appleton hotel when I was with you in 1995). Seat upholstery is complete but flight deck(!) carpeting etc. has still to be done. There will not be any glassfibre covering of the wood.

The Falco is scratch-built and the kits used were canopy, cowling, seats, retract motor/gearbox housing, trim tab and wing fittings. Total time to-date is 2750 hours; estimate 300 to go. As you will see in the photo, the panel is somewhat simplified as I have used combined switch/circuit breakers of German manufacture.

I should like to stake a claim for a place at the 50th birthday in 2005, if the event is still on, wish you both the very best of health and hope to hear something from you soon.

Brian Nelson



The tail section waits in the wings.



Brian's instrument panel is intentionally very simple.



This is starting to look like a Falco.



My other airplane is Teenie 2, single seat, fixed tricycle, 1834cc VW, 52X37 prop., cruise 105kt.
At Baragwanath airport, we have 5393 ft alt. and 27 deg. celsius; climb at 70kt is 700ft/min.



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