Giovanni Nustrini


I had a bit of a mishap with my Falco (hit a tire on taxying, nose gear collapsed, prop ruined, engine to be stripped, etc.) You can clearly see the dings in the tarmac, done by the propeller.

The propeller is shot, so is the hub, and the engine will require a bulk strip and I might go ahead and replace it with a younger one. It is really frustrating as this engine hod only 135 hours (not bad in seven months) since overhaul. I must also say that this engine has over 10,000 hours total time!





Warning! CAA Requirements

Crew minimum 2 persons.

1. Pilot must hold Engine Drivers Class 1 Steam License.
2. Boilerman-Stoker must hold Aircraft-Fireman certificate.
Use only Aircraft-quality Dustless Coal.



On arrival at my hangar this morning I found this... nice friends! Parts are arriving for the engine in a week or so. I need to fly!