Charlie & Bill Nutt

Firewall forward

The engine goes on for the first time

The engine is an XTREEM 360 built by Eagle Engines in Redding CA to Falco specs (IO-360-B1E).  They build up the Superior engine with several enhancements -- specifically: dynamically balanced VAR steel crankshaft, balanced connecting rod/piston assy's, cylinder flow matching, parkerluberizing of camshaft and gears, and custom paint.  On our engine they swapped out the Superior sump for a Lycoming OHC "out the back" sump with weld bosses installed for the inverted oil system at no charge.  Options include the new Sky-tec hi-torque inline starter, a B&C 60 amp alternator, B&C 8 amp alternator and inverted oil pickup adapter on the vac pump pad, and LASAR ignition system.  Other options are available and we've been extremely pleased thus far.  If anybody is interested, they can contact Bob Honig (general manager) at 800-292-7767, , or their website:  (And, for the record, I don't receive any kickbacks for the endorsement.) 

Bill Nutt

Engine baffling is now installed

The big metal plate is the cowling installation jig. The cowling is clamped to it and it insures it is located correctly.

Cutting the cowling for blisters required for the 180 hp engine

It's really starting to look like a Falco now!  We're currently working on the cowling (along with 10-million other things).



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