Rob Phillis


This shows the method I've used to align the fuselage frames with the wing spars without actually gluing them together, by using a couple of 8mm dia dowels.

The manual calls for the frames to be permanently glued to the spars relatively early in the construction stage, but I can't imagine how you manoeuvre the main spar with frame 4 attached and not beak something. Using the dowels keeps everything accurately aligned but it can be knocked apart for repositioning the spar, etc.

With this method it is not necessary to glue the frames in place until the wing construction has been virtually completed.



Fin and rudder. Dowels are in the forward fin spar to assure a proper alignment with the forward stabilizer spar.



Aluminum hinges and fittings



Applying glue for leading edge ribs



Closeup of Aft Spar Installation




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