George Richards
Airline Pilot


When you're building a Falco in New Zealand, and they're having a Falco
Fly-In in Australia, you have to go, but poor George had only this to fly.



Queenstown. The approach to this place has to be experienced to be believed. Just a day at the office!

By the way, Giovanni and I are organising an New Zeland Falco Fly-In as another Down-Under Fly-In. We have March - April 2004 slated. I'll let you know as we get a tad closer but by then we should have at least three Falco's in New Zealand and Ian & Juliet Ferguson are talking about flying the Tasman sea to get here. I might be able to talk them out of it though!




I must say... with no warning a shot like this is hard to get!
This was Wayne Milburn taking my wife for her first ride in a Falco!



George and Vicki Richards keeping bad company.



George Richards finally takes his first passenger in SMR: his wife Vicky. Photo taken on the 12th June 2004 just after landing. As you can se they are both VERY VERY happy!

Giovanni Nustrini