Joel Shankle
Final Assembly

Joel microballooned the tail section. Microballoons are tiny glass bubbles that are
mixed with epoxy and then you sand it all smooth. The result is a white filler material.

The tail section is painted in a gray primer.

The tail section is bolted back on the fuselage.

Fiberfrax insulation is installed in all the low points of the firewall frame.

The engine mount is installed.

The engine is installed. The cowling installation jig
is the large aluminum disk on the front of the engine.

The cowling is clamped to the jig and fitted to the airplane.

The cowling jig assures accurate cowling alignment. You hang a weight
(equal to the weight of the prop) from the jig to pull the engine down slightly

Here's the inside of the cockpit. The left seat tracks are installed.

The bottom of the right wing. The flap hinge fairings are now installed.

The wheel well. The pad at the bottom right of the photo is for the wheel well door fitting.

Here's a look back into the tail cone. Most Falco builders
are very private about this and won't let you look at theirs!



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