Dave Thomas


Fitting the canopy frame



The moulding around the windshield overlaps the canopy.

This is my front windscreen bow glass fibre fairing.  I have modelled this so that the canopy slides under it.  Making the junction very smooth.  This is my PFA inspector's (and previous project owner) idea.

I hope I haven’t added much weight with these amendments.  I think I may be going to excess on fairings for the plane.  I have also filled all the aileron/flap top surface gaps as seen in one of the newsletters.



The canopy fitted



It's starting to look like a Falco



Hinge fairings

I have read all the newsletters and have made fairings for the back of the hinges.  The front fairings were made by the loan of moulds constructed by the G-OCAD group.  The rear are actually a NACA laminar flow airfoil section that matched up perfectly with the front fairings shape.  I don't know whether G-OCAD's fairings were actually from this airfoil.  I guess so.




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