Flight Suspended

Andrea has suspended his flight in the Falco to Oshkosh for personal reasons, however Andrea will have many interesting stories to tell of the trip and we will have an article by him at some point in the future.

Dear Falco builders and friends,

After having spent the best days of my life during my journey to Brazil, I'm trying now to solve all my personal problems to catch my flight to New York on Wednesday.

First of all, I'm very sick, but I'm under antibiotics.

For your infomation, I've some beaurocracy problems with my licence and the I-BARO permits to fly, but the Falco is somewhere safe and far from the authorities as of yesterday.

I've had also one more problem... I was flying too fast and too low with my car... they checked my speed with the radar. No time to stop. I'll receive something at home.

For sure my great friend Mario Marinelli, an Alitalia captain, flight instructor at the Alitalia school, and president of Unione Piloti will be at the Oshkosh convention. By the way, he's also the owner of a red Falco, I-TINI, and we make the ATC controllers in northern Italy crazy with low passes along big airport runways. He' s really a very nice person, and he'll be there with Irene his girlfriend. I hope you'll spend a great time with him. He's the person also who's trying to get me out of my beaurocracy problems.

As soon as I have more time, I'll write the story of my flight.

To all of you, once again I hope to meet in a week. Fly a Falco, fly it safe, fly it low and as our T-shirt says... life is too short to fly anything less.



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