Stipa Caproni


Here is our first look at a model built from the Stipa Caproni plans we have posted on our website.



I am sending several pictures of the work I have done so far. The wing span is 9' the fuse is 20" in dia is aprox 48" long. I think that puts me somewhere around 20%. As you can see the biggest change I made was in the cockpit area. I went to a one-place configuration and changed the shape somewhat. The other was the shape of the wing and I did that for ease of construction. Other than that is a good likeness. The five main bulkheads are of my design and laser-cut from aluminum. I installed a 3.8 cu inches two-cycle engine that swings a 18/10 prop. I think I will cover the inside with very thin veneer and the outside with fabric.

Don Watson



Ready to cover.