The Glider


In 1946, Stelio Frati published a book, L'Aliante (The Glider), an engineering textbook on the design of a glider. With the assistance of Maurice Branzanti and Giovanni Nustrini who have done the translation from Italian, we have published this book in serial format in our Falco Builders Letter.

Since Mr. Frati has no intention of reviving the book, we are happy to share it with everyone. There are nine chapters in all, and we have now finished the book. Thanks to Pietu Pohjalainen and Steve Beaver for their help in combining the last chapter with the rest of the book.

We hope to issue this book in the Apple iBookstore.

The Glider

Allow me to express my gratitude for the publication of the translation of the book "The Glider."

I have been saving copies of the book (replacing previous copies saved) as you updated it througout the years and am so glad the wait for the full book is over. And I can assure you, the book was well worth the wait!!!

Thank you very much for this book, an invaluable addition to any airplane design book library!


Thank you for bringing Frati's "The Glider" to the English speaking world and the modern era. I've followed the updates for several years now and realize what a painstaking task it must be to accurately translate a technical work while keeping it both readable and contemporary. You're doing a remarkable job. My hat's off to you. I think the book is to design as Langewiesche's "Stick and Rudder" is to flying.

Daniel Kauffman