Troublemakers Wanted
I'm looking for a few good troublemakers at universities, architectural and engineering schools, advertising agencies, government departments and major companies.

The web page magnet is a 2" x 3" refrigerator magnet.

We want to spread the word on PowerCADD and WildTools by distributing copies of the Engineered Software web page magnet. The magnet has the web page address, and it indicates that you are to click on PowerCADD, The Drawing Room and WildTools at the website. It's our way of promoting the web page.

As you may know, most purchases of CAD programs are made by people who don't have to use the programs -- department heads, corporate executives, accountants, etc --  people who don't draw. They pick the industry leaders simply because everyone else is doing the same thing. They let other people do their thinking for them. Most have closed minds.

Who can be a WildTools Troublemaker?

You qualify if:

What you do as a WildTools Troublemaker?
Distribute the magnets. At an architecture school, you can just wander through and put them on the computer keyboards of all computers, put them up on the wall at the Coke machines, or in the computer room. In an advertising agency, put one on every graphic artists keyboard. Give them to the people who use graphic software. Make a nuisance of yourself at conferences for AIA, interior designers, etc.

Leave a magnet on a keyboard.

Stick one on the dean's door. Use your imagination. Be creative. Give them to a friend who might be interested. Do whatever you think might help. Keep a couple for yourself. The whole process takes about 20 minutes.

Troublemaker mugs.

To become a WildTools Troublemaker
Just send me your name, mailing address, email address, name of college, university, company, agency..., and select one the following kits:

Basic Troublemaker
     Includes 25 magnets and a Troublemaker mug.
     Suitable for small college, or large advertising agency.

Double Trouble
     Includes 50 magnets and a Troublemaker mug.
     Suitable for a university, or medium-size government agency.

Deep Doo-Doo
     Includes 100 magnets and a Troublemaker mug.
     Suitable for large universities, large government agencies (Defense, CIA, NSA...),
     and major companies (Adobe, Microsoft...).

What does a WildTools Troublemaker get?
Just the satisfaction of possibly changing the way people think and act, plus a Troublemaker mug.

We'll list you here as the official WildTools Troublemaker for your college or company. If you would like more magnets, then send me email. When you graduate, perhaps you could suggest a friend who could take over this prestigeous and high-paying job! And when you are out there one day, using WildTools and PowerCADD at work, be sure to let me know if you have any suggestions for ways we can improve WildTools.

Alfred Scott
WildTools author