Troublemaker Suggestions

I just got another flash. How about professional groups... like the AIA and other organizations for engineers and interior designers, etc. Why not have users pass them out at meetings or place them on tables. I think the AIA has a student group too. Of course, the professional groups don't solely focus on 'the kids' but it is another target group to focus on. Who knows, they may just slip one of those magnets into their pocket at the meeting then go home and check out the website... BINGO!

Gary Veasy

Sounds good to me.--Alfred

Let's include instructions with the magnets, like 'Store next to AutoCAD disks.' Who knows, the magnetism might improve their program. Incidentally, I was browsing the internet last night, stopped at AutoCAD's site for a chuckle, and was looking at a wish list poll that AutoCAD users had submitted. Many of the top ten wishes were items that PowerCADD/WildTools has had for some time. The number one wish was the ability to 'Open multiple drawings within one AutoCAD session and then provide page tabs to control the different drawings, similar to Excel workbooks'... sorry, I just had to gloat.

Brad Miller

I feel compelled to inform you that my wife was so enamored of your holding forth (i.e. "Troublemaker School"), that she demanded a copy for distribution to her wildnurse troublemaker cohorts at her workplace (The Comprehensive Cancer Center Outpatient Unit at Good Samaritan Hospital here in Portland). This is entirely appropriate since the unit actually serves far more than cancer patients and there is a good chance some AutoCAD/Wintel infected psyche will come under their care--rest in peace.


I myself was so moved and enamored by your efforts that I'm enclosing a snapshot of another spirit, besides yours, to which I can truly relate. I hope this is not too forward of me.

Michael Wolfe

Daisy can go out with Brodie and Chester any time and make trouble. Thanks.

Alfred Scott