Gayl Boddy


The garage filled with the Falco



The Falco escapes from the garage. Everything is on wheels.



The airframe with the ailerons, flaps, rudder and elevator attached.



The tail is on a lower platform to fit inside the garage without interfering with the garage door.



My design for the instrument panel.

The concept is made so the instruments can be accessed without getting down under the panel, and is ready for a possible glass panel. The radios extend into the cockpit four inches, for easy access to the radios in flight. The GPS is top center with the compass on the top.



The starter and circuit breakers are in the approximate position they are in the Falco Panel. The two 2 1/4 holes on the left are the fuel gages, the first panel to the left is the flight instruments, the second panel is the VOR radio, the tach, and the manifold pressure gage. The third panel is my engine instruments.