Alan Powell


Alan and Jenny Powell hosted a London Falco party at their house on September 27, 2002. Here are a few photo from the gathering.

Jenny was so excited about the party, that she spent three weeks ignoring stomach pains, and then was rushed to the hospital just before the party with a ruptured appendix. She was in intensive care as the party went on without her.

Now I ask you, would Cecil Rives or Bill Russell do that?

Many thanks to Alan and Jenny for their kind hospitality.

Alfred Scott



Angus Buchanan checks out Alan's Falco project.



Angus and Alan admire the Falco.



James Gilbert, who once was the only aviation writer extolling the virtues of
Stelio Frati's airplanes, is now retired having sold Pilot magazine a couple of years ago.



Walter Monk and Dick Marks



Meredith Scott, John Wignall, Dick Marks and Alan Powell



Sue Ahern, Irma and Andrej Cakmak and Mike Ahern.
Irma and Andrej came from Geneva, Switzerland for the party.