Pierre Wildman

You should have seen the look on her face when
I replied, "I'm mounting the rudder pedals."


When asked to described himself, Pierre wrote:

Major aviation nut. Just love airplanes. Flying 'em, building 'em, looking at 'em, reading about 'em. New ones, old ones, big ones, small ones. I am extremely lucky to be a partner in a Cessna 421C. I like to do other things like skiing (read: flying to Tahoe or Aspen), scuba diving (read: flying to Grand Cayman or the Bahamas), travelling (read: flying the North Atlantic or down to San Diego). I love living in the San Francisco Bay Area because it has a great climate, a good economy, lots of flying, and it's where my sweetheart lives. ("Hi Sweetie!"). I travel a lot for business (on airlines!) but this is a great place to come home to. Yes, I do have a "real job" (unlike Dan who flies for a living) in high-tech marketing in Silicon Valley. But I try not to let that get in the way of the airplanes.


The elevator prior to skinning the trailing edge...

...and here's the skin going on. Note the aluminum angles
along the trailing edge to keep things straight.

Pierre and sister Renee celebrating a 'Falco moment'.