Benchmark 3.0 8/1/17
Prerelease version of Benchmark for release in the Mac App Store.

Fixed some problems with the Miles Per Gallon charts.

Fixed printing problems and other minor stuff.

Eliminated expiration.

Fixed crash in editing engine power data.

Added ability to move the mouse over the noise chart to get a reading on the noise level.

The noise chart now uses the WildTools 'wine and greenbacks' color coding to indicate U.S. or metric dimensions.

Benchmark 2.8 5/29/17
Propeller Effiiciency calculator
Changed to allow 7- and 8-blade propellers at request of Brien Seeley.
Changed thrust display to update to Kg or Lbs on change of weight settings.

Added tool tips to text fields and sliders to show the units.

Updated graphics files to pass muster with code-signing process.

Updated expiration to 2-1-2018.

Benchmark 2.7 3/2/17
Eliminated auto updating as we are hoping to get this in the Apple App store.

Expiration date is still there and will be eliminated when we get into the App store.

Benchmark is now code-signed and should run without complain on Mac OS Sierra.

Benchmark 2.6 6/27/16
New expiration date.

Benchmark 2.5 3/8/16
Fixed bug in Climb Chart.

Minor changes and simplifications in Propeller Efficiency Calculator.

Fixed problem with not displaying airplane photo in Airplane editor.

Benchmark 2.4 2/9/16
Updated to be compatible with Yosemite and El Capitan.

Eliminated Save As button and Gutin BS prop noise choice in Propeller Efficiency Calculator.

Benchmark 2.3 6/22/15
Fixed crash in Airplane Speed in Yosemite.

Benchmark 2.2 1/8/15
Fixed some problems with printing the MPG charts and with the mouse over the window.

New expiration date.

Benchmark 2.1 1/2/14
A number of internal changes.

New expiration date.

Benchmark 2.0b17 6/27/13
New expiration date.

Benchmark 2.0b16 11/27/12
New expiration date.

Benchmark 2.0b15 7/13/12
Changed climb chart to allow you to set a climb speed.

Simplified Propeller Efficiency calculator.

Benchmark 2.0b14 1/9/12
MPG charts changed to Fuel Economy. Now combines MPG with CAFE scores, and added wind controls. See Performance Charts for full details.

There are some minor problems still remaining with printing the CAFE scores. We expect to get this fixed in the near future. Stay tuned.

Added climb chart for time, distance and fuel. Please note that this chart will now print, just like the MPG charts.

Changed for minimum required OS 10.6.

Completely reworked Atmospherics Calculator for better graphics, to use Benchmark preferences for unit values and to provide a way to convert between TAS and IAS both ways. Pressures are given in mbar, however please note that the pressure values can be selected and copied, and then you can use the Units Calculator to convert the pressures to other unit values.

Benchmark 2.0b13 11/22/11
Changed Drag Polar charts so it shows all drag polar flight tests if there are multiple tests.

Eliminated 'Prerelease' watermark from MPG chart.

Eliminated CAFE 400 as a separate category in the document view.

Added radio buttons for MPG and various CAFE choices to Miles Per Gallon chart display.

Added Carson's speed to Airplane Speed Calculator display. This only shows if 'show details' is selected.

Benchmark 2.0b12 11/7/11
Changed weight slider in the Airplane Speed Calculator so maximum value is the same as the airplane's gross weight.

Changed Flight Test icons in the program main view.

Benchmark 2.0b11 8/11/11
Now Intel-only and compatible with OS10.6 and above. This is due to some inexplicable bugs with PPC versions and no way to debug and fix the problems.

New expiration date.

Benchmark 2.0b10 1/10/11
Continued work on noise display in propeller efficiency calculator. This is still very much a work in process and needs more work.

New expiration date.

Benchmark 2.0b9 8/2/10
Propeller efficiency calculator. Added graphic to show propeller that changes with number of blades and a blade shape that changes with the blade activity factor. Added graphic to show noise calculated according to the modified Gutin formulas given in NACA TN 1145.

Benchmark 2.0b8 6/18/10
New expiration date.

Benchmark 2.0b7 12/5/09
New expiration date.

Benchmark 2.0b6 9/1/09
New expiration date.

Benchmark 2.0b5 6/2/09
Fixed problem with drag and drop installation of an engine that left out max power for best economy and best power mixture and new expiration date.

Benchmark 2.0b4 4/1/09
Minor changes and new expiration date.

Benchmark 2.0b3 3/18/09
Fixed a number of bugs.

Benchmark 2.0b2 3/10/09
Added ability to type Cdo, Oswald E and Ram Recovery for airplane.

Airplane Speed Calculator. Added ability to add or subtract drag.

Lots of other small changes.

Benchmark 2.0b1 2/17/09
Initial beta test version.