Production Falco
Fuel Level Sender & Gauge

Torsten Wesselmann has a Series IV Falco and is looking for replacement fuel tank senders. He has the intrument, but doesn't have the sender. If anyone out there knows of any replacement parts, please contact Thorsten at the email address given.

We do not have replacement parts for production Falcos. If you cannot find any matching parts, my suggestion is to purchase a new fuel tank gauge and matching sender from Aircraft Spruce, bend the senders arm to match your tanks. You have the choice of either living with the level that the gauge reports, or calibrating it and then making changes to the dial face. Either way, you have my sympathy.

Alfred Scott

We have a problem with the probes and fuel system of the Series 4 Type. The new name of #417 is now D-ERTH and hope it will be in the air next month.

I will use the old type of instrument because it is so good and the original. The pictures shows you the instrument and the tanks with the probes.

As the probes were Jaeger France they can not be combinated with the original instrument produced by  FAREM Milano, TIPO EA 102-10 24V

I have mesured the resistance full with 0,0 Gigaohm and empty with 1,2 Gigaohm. That will be the data for the instrument.

But we can't find probes for it. Please give us an idea or solution. Or with all new, 24Volt but double instrument with 80mm diameter.

The probes will be 2" width I think.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Best regards and greetings from Oliver Barth.

Torsten Wesselmann

Here are photographs that Torsten sent: