Dr. Ing. Alfredo Scoti


Falco Builders:

Thanks for checking in on the Falco Skunkworks. This is the 'home page' that we will be using to work with Falco builders to develop new chapters for the construction manual.

Over time, this part of the Falco website is going to grow dramatically, and it will be an active place, so check in often.

At this time, I've been spending a lot of time reworking the Sequoia Aircraft website. As you can see, we've now added the Falco Workshop and the Falco Hangar. I would like to get as many of you represented here, so please send me the required materials. There are instruction sheets for the Workshop and the Hangar.

I'm also looking for feedback and suggestions on everything -- the web page, the manuals, and new things that might not have occurred to anyone before.

For the Falco Skunkworks, the first step in the process is to bring all of the past articles, notes and suggestions from past issues of the Falco Builders Letter into one place. These are arranged by subject matter, in the order that they appear in the construction manual. These will be the 'feedstock' for the various chapters of the manuals, and as the manual chapters are revised, the articles, notes and suggestions will be deleted.

Alfred Scott