Larry Weldon



The wing spar is in the jig.

Quality control inspector: Future Falco pilot and grandson Ean Weldon
checks out Larry's workmanship to make sure he wants to fly in this one day.

The Falco construction started 18 months ago. The tail, ailerons and flaps are finished. The spar is in the jig and construction has started. I used the construction manual to cut out the center board and wing templates with no problems but standing them up vertical and hanging plumb bobs was a pain in the ass.

After discussing this with about 20 of my friends at the local coffee shop, two of them showed up to help. Eight hours later with water levels and six plumb bobs hanging in place, I have a level wing spar to work with.

I have a qreat desire to fly this airplane which keeps me working hard toward the finish.

The news letters are helpful and interesting. I find myself going through them often looking at construction pictures other builders have sent in. I visit the website every week. It is a great help, too.

I am sending pictures of Jane and me, and a few pictures of construction. Looking forward to meeting you all.

Thanks for your time and help. It's a great comfort knowing you are there.

Larry Weldon

The cockpit

Engine mount and nose gear installed

The cockpit and aft fuel tank installed

Larry and Jane Weldon