Luigi Aldini


While the wing fillets in homebuilt Falcos are normally made of fiberglass, we decided to make them in the same way the original Falcos were built, that is with wood and plywood.



Now, these are some ribs we made to give the right shape to the plywood.

We reproduced the shape of I-ELZA's fillets using some sheets of paper that gave us the right curves at different positions.



A detail of the trailing edge of the wing fillet.



Preparing the plywood for the fillets and the lower part of the airplane. The sheets are painted with epoxy for moisture protection, except the spaces that have to be glued with Aerolite.



A front view of the plywood pieces being glued in place.



We decided to use the empty space between the fillet and the wing for the battery cables. Of course, the cables aren't free to move since they run inside these two plastic tubes that are linked to the structure. This fact gives us also the possibility to change the cables easily.




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