Luigi Aldini


This is the original jig modified. The hardest task was to center the ring. We used very thin copper wire to find the center. 



Making the engine mount is an hard task. So we asked the help of good friends that have experience and precision. We have the original engine mount jig, but we needed to adapt it for the dynafocal engine mount.

Between our friends our mind went to Francesco; is a very good pilot and he has motorbike shop in Sansepolcro. He likes also to repair old cars and engines;in the picture he's checking the center of the dynafocal ring that we've been buying already made from Aircraft Spruce and Speciality.



The engine mount is finished and is being centered for installation. The mount was welded by another friend, Giampiero Biagioni, that did a very good job.



Yes, isn't it starting to look like an airplane now? Landing gear is in position and retracts into the nose gear bay.



Here we have the task performed. With the help of an aeronautical engineer and his nice wife everything gets easier! Ing. Fiordelli is a glider pilot and often comes to visit us and gives us valuable suggestions.




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