Luigi Aldini


The basic objective of the electrical bonding of an all wood aircraft is to interconnect all electrically isolated metal parts so as to form a continuous, low resistance, electrical circuit to the primary structure, that is the engine mount. So we used a flat spooled wire to connect all the hinges and metal parts of the airplane.

In this picture the bonding runs on the hinges that we made for the lateral seat belts. The original Falco has only shoulder harnesses and what can be called the fifth point. We decided to have also the seat belts, and we made those hinges then.



And this is where we installed the fifth point. 



The wires are nailed to the aircraft structure, and the circuit is mainly running below the airplane.



The electrical connections and bar behind frame number 6.



We divided the electrical tubes from the fuel lines. While the fuel lines pass in the left side of the fuselage, the electical ones go on the right. We plan to have a bar just behind this last frame, that is frame number 6.




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