Luigi Aldini


As you can see from the picture the fuel system of the Falco is based on two main fuel tanks, both located in the fuselage.

We have also two other tanks; one is for the inverted flight and is feeded by the front tank, and a tank for the smoke system, located just below the aft tank.



The installation required several modification. We preferred making a short longeron between Sta 6 -7 and to glue the two supports on this longeron.



A messy situation. Now at the left side you can see the supports for the smoke system tank.



Another view of the installation. The triangle gussets are very important in the complex; the sides are glued to plywood that are glued also to the longeron, making a single piece of wood.



This is the way the aft fuel tank is installed. On the both sides you can see the black stripes of aluminum that keep the tank. The wood spacer has been drilled to reduce weight.




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